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«Halliburton International, Gmbh.» Company, which has a registered branch in the Russian Federation, thanks you for your cooperation and expresses its sincere gratitude. We value our established business relationships, reliability and professionalism, and therefore we expect that we are also a reliable partner for your Company.

Supervisor Sattar Zeynalov

Purpetruboprovodstroy, JSC contracted TRANSWELD for construction and assembly works for Transneft-Urals, JSC. Project Replacement of pipeline sections Salavat – Orsk, Mrakovo – Zilair. Tuymazinskoe OM.  Reconstruction»

TRANSWELD has a high-quality technical facilities, as well as professionals who have received specialized training and possess the necessary skills to work at such projects.

TRANSWELD is distinguished by a conscientious and responsible fulfillment of contractual obligations, quality, and quick execution of works.

After working with TRANSWELD one can say with confidence that the cooperation with this company is a productive and mutually beneficial.

CEO S.G. Orlov

Our cooperation with “Transweld” LLC (INN 7728782490) started in 2012 and continues to the present. During this period LLC “Transweld” confirmed its high professional status, competence and participation in meeting the targets set, the company has established itself as a sustainable enterprise and a reliable business partner, fulfilling its contractual obligations and meeting deadlines. The CEO of the enterprise Javadian Garik has selected a team of highly professional and responsible like-minded persons. The “Guarantostroy” LLC notes the high potential of the “Transweld” LLC, aimed on further successful development and prosperity.

We are satisfied with cooperation with “Transweld” LLC and are ready to recommend this company as a reliable and conscientious partner.

Director Zinnatullin A.A.

LLC «Strojtransgaz Siberia» during the construction of pipelines under the project «CMG Bovanenkovo-Uhta» for JSC «Yamalgazinvest» (PAO «Gazprom») attracted “Transweld” LLC to perform works on pneumatic testing for 50 km of gas pipeline (cleaning, gauging, calibration, drying and nitriding).

Pneumatic testing of the gas pipeline was done by high-class professional team in time and without any technical failures. All works were carried out by state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment, in accordance with requirements for industrial and environmental safety.

General Director Goryunov V.V.

BPC Engineering contracted TRANSWELD for construction and assembly works on technological pipelines under the project “Reconstruction of the booster compressor station llyino, Assembly of the modular packaged power plant and Reconstruction of the booster compressor station “lskra”. Assembly of the modular packaged power plant”.

TRANSWELD showed high professionalism in the implementation of the tasks, showed rapid organization of production

As a result of the joint work of BPC Engineering has no claims on quality and working deadlines in respect of TRANSWELD.

CEO A.A. Skorokhodov

Krasnodarstroytransgaz, CJSC has been cooperated with TRANSWELD from May, 20l3 to November, 2013 within the project of Transneft-Urals, JSC: “Replacement of pipeline sections Salavat – Orsk, Mrakovo – Zilair. Tuymazinskoe OM. Reconstruction” TRANSWELD performed works on construction and reconstruction of an oil pipeline on the mentioned project.

In the process of collaborative work the management of TRANSWELD is aware of all the responsibility for the contract implementation, showing efficiency in decision-making. Highly qualified professionals, qualitative construction and assembly works as well as keeping up with the deadlines, prompt responsiveness and flexibility in the execution of customer’s requests were marked.

TRANSWELD proved itself as a professional and reliable company, able to meet its obligations with high quality and within the specified period.

Krasnodarstroytransgaz, CJSC recommends TRANSWELD as a partner for construction and assembly works of the oil pipelines.

CEO V.V. Gorny

LLC TRANSWELD has been a contractor at the construction sites of LLC Gazpromstroyinvest since 2012. During working time the company has established itself as a responsible and reliable partner performing welding and assembly work. All types of work performed by TRANSWELD LLC are of high quality. During the period of joint work, TRANSWELD LLC proved itself to be a technically equipped and mobile enterprise. The organization has highly qualified personnel. With a high pace of construction and steady fulfillment of work schedules, the necessary efficiency is manifested in solving production and technical issues that arise during construction. The quality of the work performed by TRANSWELD LLC meets the requirements of the normative and technical documentation.

LLC Gazpromstroyinvest is confident in the continuation of successful cooperation and recommends LLC TRANSWELD as a reliable and stable partner.

General Director H.H. Ergeshov

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    Construction of oil and gas pipelines, gasification of industrial and civil facilities

    • preparatory works, right-of-way development
    • welding of main oil and gas pipelines (manual, semi-automatic, automatic)
    • non-destructive and destructive testing of welded joints, testing of samples
    • insulation of tie-in welds,
    • trenching, construction of storage pits
    • pipeline trenching and backfilling of trenches
    • construction of open-cut and trenchless crossings with case installment
    • pressure and leak testing (hydraulic pressure and pneumatic leak testing)
    • cleaning up, calibration, drying, and nitriding of pipelines
    • right-of-way reinstatement, sign posting

    Construction and renovation of industrial pipelines, vessels, containers and tanks

    • installation of plate-by-plate assembly and roll assembly tanks, containers and vessels, treating iron construction
    • installation and dismantling of pipelines, tanks, containers and metal structures
    • installation of oil cargo piers
    • civil works
    • processing areas construction

    Construction of pre-assembled buildings and facilities

    • installation (construction) of pre-assembled buildings
    • assembly of sandwich panels of buildings and facilities
    • civil works
    • improvement of territories (sites)

    Lease of special equipment and welding equipment

    Rent of motor vehicles and equipment:

    • excavators
    • bulldozers
    • dump trucks
    • crew change vehicles
    • loaders
    • cranes
    • bed trucks (hopper barges)

    Equipment rental:

    • DC-400 dual mode deliver for SMAW welding
    • DENYO 480 self-contained dual mode deliver unit for SMAW welding welding set for semiautomatic mechanized welding (STT-II) Invertek II+LF-37
    • welding set for semiautomatic flux-cored automated welding (Innershild) Invertek V 350+ LN 23
    • М-300, М-300С sets for automatic welding, M-300S welding heads

    Staff Outsourcing

    • Construction management personnel (Site Supervisor, Welding Foremaster, Master)
    • Foreman (Assembler, Joint Assembler)
    • Assembler & Cutter
    • Assembler
    • Handyman
    • Adjuster of welding equipment
    • machine operators (crane operators, drivers, operators of pipelaying cranes, excavator operators)
    • insulation workers
    • welders of SMAW, mechanized, flux-cored automated, API and SRC welding

    Construction of industrial and civil facilities

    • construction of buildings and facilities
    • construction of roads and along right-of-ways
    • construction of warehouses and hangars
    • construction of coast protection structures
    • industrial facilities (enterprises)
    • construction of administrative buildings

    Land works and deforestation, road and crossing construction works

    • construction of foundations
    • trenching
    • underground work
    • soil excavation
    • soil movement
    • soil placement
    • soil compaction
    • deforestation of power transmission line rights-of-way, gas pipeline, oil pipeline
    • construction and laying of corduroy roads (soil 1,2)
    • temporary driveways, crossings, and exits

    Works on non-destructive and destructive testing

    Non-destructive testing of welded joints:

    • electric
    • magnetic
    • ultrasonic
    • radiological
    • dye penetrant inspection, etc.

    Destructive control:

    • mechanical static tests
    • mechanical dynamic tests
    • corrosion resistance tests

    Logistics and cargo transportation, supply of materials

    • completing a project (site) on a turnkey basis
    • supplies of consumables (welding electrodes, wire)
    • transport logistics
    • warehouse logistics
    • loading and unloading operations
    • cargo handling and storage